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Option E : Completion of a two-semester professional, certificate, or service learning experience, field placement, or internship under the supervision of a sponsoring department or academic unit. Only coursework completed through approved programs run by academic departments and university centers, bureaus, and institutes will be recognized.

The total credits earned must be at least 6The student must complete a scholarly report detailing their experience. Because of the variety of options, looking into all of them will be helpful to ensure you do not get stuck writing a page thesis on a topic you have no interest in.

If you are currently deciding which option to choose, please do not hesitate to visit 35 College Ave to talk to one of the deans about choosing. I had been thinking about my thesis since the beginning of Junior year.

Honors Opportunities | The SAS Honors Program Blog

I studied abroad during the spring semester of Junior year and the deans recommended that I have a rough topic and advisors before I left. While it is possible to change topics at the beginning of senior year, keep in mind that it is a huge endeavor, so the sooner you have an idea, the sooner you can begin researching. That being said, make sure that you choose a topic that you are very interested in pursuing.

You will be spending at least a year researching and writing about your topic, and if you begin to hate it halfway through the school year, then the rest of the project will be torturous.

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Once again, do not hesitate to chat with the deans about potential topics. Dean Nazario helped me come up with the basis for my thesis. The deans are treasures and are resources in an of themselves, so I encourage you to seek their guidance, especially for help with the Capstone requirement.

The first two tips are kind of obvious and can apply to any project or assignment. However, this third one is the most important tip I can give you, in my opinion. What do I mean by this?

Finally, Political Science majors who are interested in doing an honors thesis that spans Political Science and another discipline or is entirely in another discipline can do so through the SAS Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis program. NOTE: No more than six credits of independent study, internship or thesis work or any combination of these can be counted toward the eleven 3-credit Political Science courses required for the Political Science major.

Rutgers Dissertations and Theses: Honors

Its members include both undergraduate and graduate students in chapters across the United States. Beta Omicron is the Rutgers University chapter. New members are inducted only in May of each academic year.

Phi Sigma Iota- Foreign Language Honor Society

Only juniors and seniors who have declared Political Science as their major by the end of the Fall semester and meet the criteria listed below will be considered for induction. The criteria are as follows:.

For example, if the overall cumulative GPA was 3. There will be no rounding up of a second decimal less than nine. Rutgers Today. That is typical of object-oriented databases.

Tracking the Daily Doings of 15 SAS Honors Program Students

But what is novel here is the choice of object, and the sophisticated querying system, which has applicability well beyond coin databases. Her thesis adviser T. Corey Brennan remains involved in the project. This term Cignarella took a graduate level seminar in numismatics at Princeton University, with Alan Stahl , a world-renowned expert on ancient and medieval coins, and Curator of the Princeton collection.

She also was elected at Rutgers to Phi Beta Kappa.

Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis

Brienne is contemplating graduate study in ancient studies, with the eventual aim of entering the rapidly emerging field of electronic humanities. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.