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I made an effort to go pester her constantly and develop a relationship so my letter wouldn't be generic.

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She really liked me toward the end. Teacher Rec 1: 9. She liked me and all but Additional Rec: Didn't end up submitting, but was from a doctor I shadowed. Interview: My interview was so fun! I had so much fun on my interview and my interviewer made me feel as comfortable as I could and we spoke about tufts for SO long. She really understood my passion for Tufts, and she emailed me after my acceptance asking if we could get a cup of coffee near her place later!!

Intended Major: Biochemistry State if domestic applicant : Country if international applicant : Intl. Tufts really values you as a person, so to all future applicants, be true to your personality and who you really are and show 'fit'. February edited February The topic was unique. But I didn't write it in extravagant style.

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I wrote it very simply. For supplements, I would say they're "quirky". I tried to make them light-hearted but also include some profound atmosphere into them Recommendations rating , details : I would rate them all a 6? The letters were really good but the teachers didn't really know me very well.

Interview: The interview went really well. Our school started 3 years ago. No elementary school. Not much.

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Hooks URM, first generation college, etc. And my portfolio arduino projects maybe? Weaknesses: Being international.

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Low income? Extracurricular activities. Denied from Rice. General Comments : I just..

Tufts Encourages Applicants to "Take a Risk" When Answering Essay Supplements

Especially because I'm an Asian international I thought my chances of getting in was pretttyyyyy slim. It's so funny how life is full of fun surprises. February Lin Orthodontic Teacher. Went really well, talked about a lot of things related to health and the newest health technologies today, he seemed really interested in what I knew about my field Other Applied for Financial Aid? Show who you are and who you have become throughout high school. Decision: Accepted!!!

Almost exclusively school-related things. Spanish Peer Tutor. I used a quote that allowed me to turn a darker subject into something lighter. I'm not gonna rate this one because I'm like super uncertain as to whether it was good or just meh. For my Tufts essays, I think I was able to capture a lot of my personality.

Let Your Life Speak - Talked about the relationship my mom and I have - she is so into "alternative medicine" whereas I'm more facts and research-based. At the end, I talked about how, overtime, I stopped trying to win in arguments with her - instead, I listened to her perspective.

Now, I sort of secretly hope for a convo with friends to wind up in some random zone, just for the sake of it. What makes you happy and why? And then I explained why singing is so important to me. My personality definitely came through. Counselor Rec: Prob just relaying basic stuff that she sees me doing at school running Spirit Weeks, leading assemblies, etc.

General Tips for the Tufts Essays

I wouldn't really consider my background a hook. More like a story that I tried to tell in my common app essay. Reflection: 2 things. I loved the prompts enough to write a first draft of the supplements, finalize them completely, realize I didn't like them, then scratch them to rewrite them all over again and I loved them the second time around. The admissions officers invite you to be vulnerable and honest.

I wrote about a broken relationship I have with someone who was once really close to me. However, know that the essay is about YOU. My major of Science, Technology, and Society drew together my profile very well I think - It justified my creative writing camp and my love for physics 2. It helped declutter my app - in my opinion - because many people will say "focus on one or two things that you're passionate about!

Weaknesses: Recs? I'll probably never know tho!

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A word of warning: Try to avoid attributing your motivation to politically incorrect desires for fame or wealth. Tufts wants to create a community of students who will better the world, not students who are on a quest for wealth and power. This prompt also provides an opportunity to share any accomplishments that you are especially proud of.

What did you learn from these experiences beyond just the act of creation? Did you learn about working on a team or overcoming challenges from robotics? Did your art inspire introspections on creativity and the impact of art on others? This question is your opportunity to showcase your interests and creativity.

Take a risk and go somewhere unexpected. Be serious if the moment calls for it, but feel comfortable being playful if that suits you, too. If you are very interested in economics or math, think about what unique perspective you could share with the Tufts community. If you love sports, maybe consider the economics of free agents in the NFL or the antagonistic between statistics and common practices in the NHL. Consider the intersection between your hobbies e. Perhaps you have a unique hobby like scrapbooking or debate that you want to share with your community.

If these hobbies taught you something important about yourself or the world around you, this question could give you an opportunity to share a little bit of your life philosophy, beyond just academics. You could also use this prompt to discuss an issue that you care deeply about. Maybe you are concerned by public attitudes towards mental health or representation in media.

If you think people need to better understand an issue before forming opinions, this course could be your opportunity to share your belief in the importance of a well-informed public. You need to connect the class to yourself, because you want the reader to remember you, not just the class you came up with. Find every essay for the schools you're applying to and manage the writing process with expert tips along the way. Again, connect the SMFA program to yourself, explaining how your academic and artistic interests overlap and intersect. For example, your interest in Surrealist literature has spread into a usage of surrealist techniques in your art.

The SMFA program requires an incredibly motivated student, as the workload is incredibly intense because you are simultaneously pursuing two degrees.

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This is your chance to really discuss your art and what you enjoy exploring. This prompt gives you the opportunity to share with the reader the meaning of your artwork. What ideas did you explore?